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About Dr. Shanahan

Dr. Shanahan is a board-certified physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune disorders. With over 10 years of experience and extensive clinical research, Dr. Shanahan provides patients with the highest quality of care.


Beginning Monday, June 4, 2018 all patients will be welcomed to our new spacious home at:

Paradigm Park
2222 E Hwy 54
Suite 200
Durham, NC 27713

For more information on our transition, please call us at (919) 405-2040


Welcome to the website of Shanahan Rheumatology & Immunotherapy, the practice of Dr. Joseph Shanahan, conveniently located in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Shanahan and his staff provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for patients suffering from chronic autoimmune disorders.

Each patient that comes to Dr. Shanahan's office is treated with individualized attention to reach an accurate diagnosis and then determine the most appropriate treatment approach. Dr. Shanahan combines his specialized training with his dedication to helping others in order to provide ongoing care to patients experiencing the pain, stiffness, muscle weakness and other troubling symptoms often associated with conditions such as:

While most autoimmune disorders cannot be cured, Dr. Shanahan provides several treatment options to relieve symptoms and help patients continue to live normal lives, some of which may include biological therapy, joint injections and treatment for gout. Treatment is customized to fit each patient’s individual needs so that they can feel their best and reduce the risk of complications.

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To learn more about the treatments offered at Shanahan Rheumatology & Immunotherapy, please call us today at 919.405.2040 to schedule an appointment. We always welcome new patients and do our best to help each person achieve effective disease management.

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